Thomas Duder – Taboo 3 Misfits and Mayhem

Published August 24, 2014 by paulashene

I am having a hard time tonight, missing my Google Chrome, trying to blog on my Paul and Paula’s Books  and WordPress on IE boop boop boops me to this alternate blog, I lost several years ago, but apparently, not so WordPress and the net: since this will go out to my other sites, for tonight, I shall be content.


Let me introduce you to Thomas Duder    THOMAS DUDER


Thomas Duder is a new member to The Booktrap, a site I am also on, as Paula Louise Shene – the best place to find my links


Thomas is a high gear author and is hosting – Best let him tell you:

Well, the Internuggetathon 2.0: Electric Boogaloo is a facebawks event that’s going to help support Project 5: The Search For More Funding, the fundraiser. But it’s also an omniparty – the 5th is the official publish and release date for Taboo 3: Misfits and Mayhem.


It’s also an excuse for me to cause a riot. :3



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