Thomas Duder – Taboo 3 Misfits and Mayhem

Published August 24, 2014 by paulashene

I am having a hard time tonight, missing my Google Chrome, trying to blog on my Paul and Paula’s Books  and WordPress on IE boop boop boops me to this alternate blog, I lost several years ago, but apparently, not so WordPress and the net: since this will go out to my other sites, for tonight, I shall be content.


Let me introduce you to Thomas Duder    THOMAS DUDER


Thomas Duder is a new member to The Booktrap, a site I am also on, as Paula Louise Shene – the best place to find my links


Thomas is a high gear author and is hosting – Best let him tell you:

Well, the Internuggetathon 2.0: Electric Boogaloo is a facebawks event that’s going to help support Project 5: The Search For More Funding, the fundraiser. But it’s also an omniparty – the 5th is the official publish and release date for Taboo 3: Misfits and Mayhem.


It’s also an excuse for me to cause a riot. :3



Paula’s Pondering

Published July 1, 2012 by paulashene

I am a believer that not everyone is going to like your writing – something within a story may hit a chord better left unsung for that reader, so out goes the babe with the bathwater.

On the other hand writers who write for the joy of spilling their guts on paper or now e form, will accept having fans of their work but are not overly concerned with people who do not like their work.

Than there are the writers who genuinely like their fellow authors work or like the author and will support other writers.

But there is a group of writers who will exalt themselves as being more knowledgeable than other writers and will talk down others, even if they have never read or just simply cannot understand what the fellow author writes – degrading it. These are the ones all should close the doorway of hearing.

Know what you are capable of writing, making sure your words are the ones that you mean to use. Intimately know your target audience; what they like to read.

Go to your local library and scan shelves, check the catalog which is now more than likely  computerized noting the prolificacy of authors, read their books,  what works for that genre, becoming so familiar with your subject, your writing flows. Only be deterred by changing into another genre or time never giving up. Know that your writing is as important as breathing, that is the passion that will keep you writing.